Earthquake Forecasting Station
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Become part of the Global Earthquake Forecasting Network!

This kit contains everything you need to set up the exact same station that is being used by the Global Earthquake Forecasting Network, a system of sensor stations used to monitor parameters most promising in predicting earthquakes, including magnetic field data, air ionization, and various gases such as carbon monoxide and ozone.

The data is being sent to a SensorExperts Data Exchange server where it is stored in our database and made available to you via various secure access tools. Data hosting is free, and so are the tools to view and download your data.

A highly sensitive magnetometer tracks the earth's magnetic field at data rates of up 100Hz, listening for spikes that may indicate an impending earthquake. An ion counter measures air ionization, also a potential indicator of earthquakes as charge carriers created by tectonic stressed in the Earth's crust rise to the surface and ionize the air above it. Research has also shown release of carbon monoxide from the ground when earthquakes happens, and satellites have detected changes in ozone concentrations. To measure these and other related gas changes, the station is equipped with several multi-channel gas sensors that track concentrations of CO, SO2, NO2, O2 and O3.

To provide context for the data, a Vaisala WXT520 weather transmitter monitors wind speed and direction, rainfall, temperature, relative humidity, and barometric pressure. Data storage and wireless communication via cellular network are handled by the InteleCell datalogger and a compatible cellular modem (Intelesense Technologies.) Power is provided via rechargeable batteries, and a 20W solar panel (included) keeps them recharged. Comes with 2m-tripod and all necessary hardware.

The Earthquake Forecasting Station Kit includes:

  • Vaisala Weather Transmitter WXT520
  • Gas Sensors for CO, SO2, NO2, O2, O3
  • Magnetometer
  • Air Ion Counter
  • InteleCell Datalogger IC-NG-S
  • Cellular modem
  • 20W Solar panel and ext. battery
  • Waterproof outdoor enclosure (NEMA, 14" x 12" x 6")
  • 2m-Tripod and mounting hardware
  • Optional: PTZ Camera (add $500)

Please contact us to inquire about availability and lead times.

ManufacturerIntelesense, Vaisala
ParametersMagnetic Field, Air Ionization, CO, SO2, NO2, O2, O3, Wind Speed and Direction, Rainfall, Temperature, Relative Humidity, Barometric Pressure
PowerRechargeable Batteries and 20W Solar Panel
Output and InterfacesCellular (AT&T or Verizon)
SizeSensors mounted on 2m tripod
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