YSI 6920 V2-2 Multiparameter Water Quality Sonde
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Compact Data Sonde for Unattended Monitoring

The YSI 6920 V2 sonde is an economical water quality logging system, ideal for long-term in situ monitoring and profiling. Real-time turbidity monitoring, dissolved oxygen monitoring, algae monitoring, and more.

The sonde comes in two versions:

  • 6920 V2-1 has 1 optical port, 1 conductivity/temperature port, 1 Rapid Pulse Dissolved Oxygen port, 1 pH/ORP port, and 3 ISE ports
  • 6920 V2-2 has 2 optical ports, 1 conductivity/temperature port, 1 pH port, and 1 ISE port

Available optical sensors:

  • ROX optical dissolved oxygen
  • Blue-green algae
  • Chlorophyll
  • Turbidity
  • Rhodamine
ParametersWater Temperature, pH, ORP, Turbidity, Salinity, Conductivity, Specific Cond., Depth, TDS
RangeSee datasheet
AccuracySee datasheet
Output and InterfacesRS-232, SDI-12
Power12 V DC, 8 AA-size alkaline batteries
Size72.4 mm dia. x 457 mm long
Product Code6920 V2-2
ManufacturerYSI Inc.
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