Weirs and flumes are used to measure flow rates by channeling water through a known cross-sectional area. Because the geometry of the channel is fixed and known, the water level in the channel can be related to flow. In other words, the height of the water in the channel, going over the weir or flume, is proportional to the flow rate.

Water is an essential yet transient resource on our planet. We all require it for survival and often take for granted its ready availability. Stormwater, however, is a water source that is particularly difficult to both monitor and manage due to its unpredictability. But there are tools we can use to understand and control how we manage stormwater. One of them is measuring and collecting stormwater data. Here, we’ll show you why this is important and how to get in the know and go pro when it comes to stormwater monitoring.

Groundwater is one of our greatest natural resources. Providing vital water to homes, irrigation, and industry, earth’s groundwater is essential to our survival and forward progress. Wells are strategically constructed to draw water from underground aquifers, making it accessible to drink, irrigate, and power machinery on the surface.

Flooding causes tens of billions of dollars in damages every year worldwide. It usually causes more damage than any other severe weather event. Causes of flooding include prolonged rainfall, high-intensity rainfall, combinations of high rainfall and melting snow, dam and levee breaks, or obstructions in rivers.

Climate change is a widely discussed topic today. Whether a result of natural cycles, man-made changes, or a combination of both, it is hard to ignore that the climate is changing rapidly in many areas of the world, with far-ranging effects.

Modern agriculture today would not be possible without the use of soil sensors. Among the most common sensors used in agriculture are those used for measuring moisture content in soil and soil temperature. Soil moisture sensors are measure the soil’s volumetric water content and are widely used in irrigation monitoring, agriculture science, soil science, botany, environmental science, horticulture, and many other areas.

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