, based in Fremont, CA, serves as a one-stop shop for sensors, data loggers, and data hosting services. Our comprehensive database includes sensors from a large number of manufacturers and lets customers easily get an overview on what’s available, either on their own or with help from our highly trained staff. Customers can browse categories and compare products, features and prices across manufacturers; parametric tables make it easy to see specifications of different sensors at a glance in order to find the right sensor for any application.’s staff is highly experienced in all of the application areas for which we offer sensors, from energy to communications, and can guide customers in the product selection and purchasing processes. The company’s goal is to provide the most comprehensive resource of sensors online in a way that allows customers to browse available products and options with a higher level of detail and ease-of-use than is found elsewhere. Combining unbiased, manufacturer-independent information on sensors with the convenience of a modern and trusted eCommerce site, makes it easy to review, select and purchase the ideal sensors without having to visit multiple sites.

If you need help finding the right sensor for your application, please don’t hesitate to  contact us.

The Sensor Experts Team

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