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Did you know that SensorExperts offers free hosting options for your sensor data? If you use a compatible data logger you can send the data from your sensors to one of our servers and view it in real-time in a dashboard of charts and tables that you can customize. You will also be able to see your sensor sites in a geospatial viewer, find and add other data sources available for your local area, and connect with other users that share your interests. Send us an email to learn more!


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Contact us by email at to submit a sensor that you want us to list in our database. Make sure to include an image of at least 300x300 pixels along with the technical details. We will review all submissions within 3 working days.

Free Data Hosting!


If your sensor network uses a datalogger that is capable of connecting to the Internet and can transmit sensor data is csv format, you can use our  free data hosting option and take advantage of displaying your data in our 3D geospatial visualizer as well as our data display widgets such as chart, tables and dashboard indicators.

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